Real Love

In 1971, Anne Peterson walked into a basement. Opening the door with apprehension, she never knew it would change her life forever.

Eleven years later she spoke to her sister on the phone, listening to every detail of her impending divorce. Little did she know it would be their last conversation.

Anne became part of a club she never asked to join. Year after year, she cried out for relief from her many losses. Avoiding her pain had only prolonged it. Desperately she tried something new. She embraced her pain with weary arms. And found a love that was real.

Anne wants you to know what real love looks like. Not a love that’s here today and gone tomorrow. But instead, a real love; guaranteed to last.

Now available on Amazon, as a kindle version and in paperback.


7 thoughts on “Real Love

    • Thanks for checking out one of my blogs. I hesitated joining Story Cartel since I’m not a fiction writer per se. But, at a conference, one of my critiques was that it wasn’t good fiction. And when I responded, “it’s not fiction,” I was told, “it still needs to read like good fiction.”


      • People are always trying to qualify and quantify what it takes to be a writer. Truth is nothing and everything. If it achieves what the author intends, inspires the thoughts or emotions that it was intended to inspire, it is a perfect piece.

        There is no single recipe that works for every writer nor every reader.


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