The Secret of Encouragement



Do you know what I’ve discovered about words? Not just any words, but those encouraging words? Words that give hope.

Not everyone has them. Everyone needs them, but not everyone has access to them.

Encouragement lives in a house that once knew pain. A house that would sometimes wonder why, but still longed to trust. Still dared to hope.

How have I arrived at this observation?

Life has pain 

While looking at those who hurt, I notice something. The ones with encouraging words are those who have tasted pain and tasted God.

When it seems like some people don’t understand what you are going through, it’s because they can’t.

Our brains are wonderful organs. We have the capability of creating and discovering umpteen thoughts per second. I learned a lot in a class I took where I actually held a human brain.

Our brains are storehouses for our memories as well. Our brains pair our pain with our ability to remember. It’s a strong cohesion.

Emotion does that. When we feel deeply, we remember. So, in our times of pain, God whispers to us, and we hear him.

God gently pours balm on our hurts and feelings of loss. God lifts a heart so laden down it barely beats.

God heals

In my deepest pain I hear him the clearest. Because he is acquainted with grief. There’s nothing we can go through which he can’t feel.

If he knows when a sparrow falls, how much more when we do?

God is a storehouse of encouragement. He can give words that can ease pain.

And you can tap into that storehouse. All you have to do is be willing to feel with someone. To weep with those who weep.

The God opens up his hope chest and chooses the choicest of words. The gentle phrases that seep into our very souls.
Just words that come from a hurting heart.You won’t find platitudes in there. Nor will you find quaint phrases that fit on a plaque.

Words are powerful

And we are given the privilege of keeping these words and meting them out for comfort.

And will we run out? Never.

Do you know why? Because the all powerful one is the source. And his resources are eternal.

So, go ahead and enter into someone’s hurt. Lean into it with all that you are.

Give someone encouragement. Everyone needs it.

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