3 Reasons You Should NOT Join TribeWriters

Tribe Writers

I heard TribeWriters is starting up again. It’s an online course by Jeff Goins, that promises to give you skills for writing that will move you forward.

And while that is true. I’m here to tell you three reasons you should NOT become a TribeWriter.

1) It’s scary

Now hear me out on this one. Do you know Jeff expects people to not only write things that are inside of them, but to also share them? I am not kidding.

It’s one thing to write in a journal. Many of us have spiral notebooks stored in all corners of our homes. But to open ourselves up before people? WHAT?

If you open up, you might discover others share the same feelings. That you’re not that unique. You might find out others CAN relate. You might even free others up to share their feelings because you took a risk.

But that’s not your responsibility. No. Better to just leave your feelings stuffed inside, nice and cozy. It’s more exciting that way, not knowing when they’ll burst out of you.

2) You will be part of a community

Now this is really important. Why would we want to know more people when we have at least 683  friends on Facebook already? Not to mention our 1032 followers on Twitter. People who follow us even though we’re not going anywhere.

And with Facebook friends, we only show them what we want to show them and they LIKE us. They made us a friend, didn’t they? We get to lol all over the place. And if there is a problem in our friendship, well, we can unfriend them. Now that’s a community we can feel good about.

Although Jeff didn’t realize how important the Tribe Writers community would become, he went too far with that one.

Why would I want to interact with those who might encourage me. And why on earth would I want honest feedback? That might hurt. Sure, it might help me grow in my writing, but did you hear me when I said, it might hurt? I do not gravitate toward things that might hurt.

And as far as fans. I’ve got family members that tell me how good my writing is and how they don’t know why a publisher hasn’t discovered me yet. Family.

And let’s not forget my friends. So what, they sometimes change the subject when I talk about another writing project. While it’s true they don’t return my umpteen text messages, they COULD be in the bathroom, you don’t know.

3) You can get published

Okay this is the real biggie. If you take this course, you just may get your book out there. The one that’s burning inside of you.

You may get the tools you need and the confidence you lack, so one day when you go on Amazon, your book is there. No longer is it just an idea in your head.

And not only is it there, but it’s rising up the ranking. People are buying it, people are reading it. And dare I say, people are liking it. Real people who don’t share your name.

But, who needs to be published, anyway? I mean then you might get a big head. You might even think you have more inside of you to share. And you might actually start feeling good about yourself. That would be a change.


Status quo is comfortable. Change is hard. And you’ve fought it this long. Just hang on.

It’s better to just keep talking and dreaming about writing. Setting goals you might not reach? That’s just crazy talk.

Hopefully by now I’ve convinced you why you should NOT become a Tribe Writer.

Still, I think it’s only fair to disclose that I am a Tribe Writer. In fact, I joined the first group Jeff Goins started. He has even started different groups, like My 500 Words. Yes, I’m part of that one too.

I’ve learned I can do scary things. In fact, it gave me confidence to try other scary things as well.

And yes, I did become part of a community which helped me grow in my writing and as a person. People I’m proud to call my friends.

And finally, yes, I am published. Five books are out there with my name on them, since joining Tribe Writers. One that was really hard to write, called Broken. And three children’s books you can see here, here and here.

I don’t know, it is your decision. For me, it was one of the best ones I’ve ever made.

In case you feel like checking out Tribe Writers, click HERE. (You need to know it’s an affiliate link.)

Whatever you decide, it’s your decision.  Maybe you’d like to hear an interview I did with Jeff Goins.

One thing you need to realize is that you are unique. No one can tell your story because no one has lived it but you. The world needs to hear what you have to say.

Either way, I wanted to share my story. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

13 thoughts on “3 Reasons You Should NOT Join TribeWriters

  1. Oh, and another reason to NOT sign up is you might share your story in someone else’s book :^). My book is on Amazon, or will be in a few hours. Your story is in it. Ha!

    Tribe Writers do that sort of thing, promote each other’s work.


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