Let Your Words out



I have to write. From the time I was young, writing has been an escape for me. While things were difficult at home, I could go to this imaginary place. my new home.

The spiral notebooks stacked in a box don’t look like much. But tucked inside are the pages of my life. The days when we didn’t know where my sister was, the endless prayers, “God give us an answer.”

The days leading up to the births of my children. Each emotion scrawled onto the paper. Scrawled because not everyone could write like Mary Ann Kenny.

Looking through those journals I see a younger me, someone whose feet were not wet, someone whose heart was still intact. Someone very young and inexperienced.

Writing is not a hobby to me. Writing is like breathing.

I place my fingers on the keys and my mind opens. Out tumble the words which had been waiting by the door. Sure, sometimes they trip over each other because of their exuberance at finally being free. But even that’s okay. They know I’ll come by and reposition them.

I love words. They are the only thing I can manipulate without protest. Tweet.


And even the words who don’t make it in this story know that there will be a place for them somewhere. I’m not going to exclude them. I know what that feels like.

Writing is a chance to pull back the curtains of my life and let you into my world. To let you see who I am.

Yes, I have to write. People were created to touch each other. To be in community with one another. And it’s our words whether spoken or written that can reach out. Without that we are islands that shrivel up inside.

A couple of years ago I had a desire to pursue my writing. I took a writing course called Tribe Writers, by Jeff Goins. Little did I know what it would do for me. I thought it was just about the words. I was so wrong.

Tribe Writers gave me the tools I needed to hone my writing. It also taught me that while we may be individuals, we share so many common emotions. We may look differently and have different roles in life, but we are so alike. We all hurt. We can all experience joy.

I found a place where my writing was read and accepted. Where I was accepted.

And I wrote the book I was meant to write. I opened up my life and jumped onto the paper. Tribe Writers created the place where I could learn the things I needed to learn and then practice them.

What about you? Do you have a story within you the world is waiting to hear? Or are you yearning to know how to release those captive thoughts inside you?

Maybe Tribe Writers is the launching ground for you. You can find out more about Tribe Writers here at this affiliate link.

It’s not to late to sign up, if you need help in getting those words out.

I know I’m glad I did.

Tribe Writers

10 thoughts on “Let Your Words out

  1. thanks Anne! after the seminar yesterday I am so hungry for more! I was just pondering, “Should I sign up for Tribewriters?” Just as your post entered my in-box…you were the tipping point! going over to sign up “write” now! Blessings on your journey!


  2. I wish I kept a journal from an early age. I still don’t journal per se. Mine are filled with stuff like feathers and pressed leaves and descriptions of places and people. Helen kept a journal and I read it after her death. Found it hidden. Never showed it to anyone.
    I’m so glad I found Tribe Writers. I can’t imagine my life without me dear tribe friends in it.


  3. Patricia,
    I too, cannot imagine what life would be like without my writer friends. My journals were not from an early age. I also wish I had some then. But honestly, my writing would have been very sad. I was told I was pretty depressed once my mom died. My journals were from when I got married on.

    I bet you had comfort reading some of Helen’s thoughts.


  4. Reblogged this on thephilosophyofdave and commented:
    Anne Peterson is a role model for me. She is a prolific writer. A course called Tribe Writers by Jeff Goins helped her find her writing voice. It led to her publishing “the book I was meant to write.”

    Please take two or three minutes to read what Anne has to say here. Thanks.


  5. Anne such a beautiful post I love that sentence
    Writing is like breathing.
    I can tell this is so for you, just by reading your words, you are an amazing Author and the biggest thing I received from Tribe writers was the connection with other like minded souls who encourage me to dream big and follow those dreams till the end. Thank you, you are a one in a million.


    • Kath,
      What a wonderful thing to say. When I think of the great connections I have made through Tribe Writers you definitely are one of them. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I don’t think I’ve ever read one comment you’ve made to another person that was not encouraging. You are the runner who comes alongside and says, “You CAN do this, I know you can.”


      • Anne that makes my day because in the end that was what my Father did all his life and it is nice to know I am following in his footsteps. He had a suitcase full of thank you’s at the end of his life and I aspire to that, thanks for bringing me my first smile for the day.


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