Are you Ready?

Are you Ready

Did you ever dream you get somewhere unprepared? Maybe you go to school and realize you’re still in your pajamas.  Or you find out there’s a test and you forgot to study.

Being unprepared is scary. It presses that “I’m dumb” button inside us.

And yet, we all feel that way at one time or another. We think everyone else has it all together. Maybe they don’t.

A new year

We just started a new year. Ready or not the giant ball in New York floated down. It’s here.

People have begun making their lists of goals or resolutions. Brave souls share them. Others join groups for accountability.

Having goals or resolutions is fine as long as we don’t overdo it. Then nothing is accomplished.

I have a few areas I want to focus on. My health, both physical and spiritual, and using my gifts.

Becoming healthier

For my health, I have discovered the benefits of walking. I feel better when I walk. A couple of weeks ago I started walking regularly again.

Since I’m not a fan of falling on ice, or winter, I walk indoors.  Using a walking DVD I walk anywhere from 3-5 miles.

Drinking water is another healthy habit I want to incorporate. Why? Basically because I don’t drink water. And I’ve yet to find anyone who thinks that’s a good idea.

Reading the Bible

I’ve also decided I want to read the Bible every day. While I’ve been a regular reader of devotions and use scripture for reference, that’s not enough. I want to take God’s love letter out and read it for myself. There’s a big difference. So today I started a one year reading plan. Check.


As far as using my gifts, I took a challenge and am writing at least 500 words a day. This will be for 31 days. Writing is like breathing to me, so I don’t think this will be difficult.

We don’t wake up January 1st thinking, Hey, I’ve got to come up with some resolutions. We’ve started thinking about this long before we bought confetti for New Year’s Eve.

We know what needs to be done, we just need to do it. Tweet this.

I am a token-reinforcement person. I like charting accomplishments.  And I do it in one of the most sophisticated ways. Well, not really.

I like stickers. And I especially like putting them on charts so I can visually see my progress. So many times I have done something mainly because I didn’t want to have a blank spot on my chart.

Let’s see, I could have one sticker for drinking water for the day. Maybe a picture of a little glass. I could have stars for reaching my Bible reading quota.  And maybe another when I complete my daily writing.

Then I’ll need another sticker for walking. That’s a lot of stickers.


With all this self-analysis I’ve recognized another area I need to grow. My ability to stretch. 

No, I’m not talking about exercise here. I’m talking about my resistance to change.

I’m one of those people who sits in approximately the same spot in church, every week. I eat a lot of the same foods over and over, and basically, I shop in the same stores.

Sometimes my lack of variety gets to me.

So, in view of that, I’m going to embrace my resistance and learn how to incorporate change into my life.

Why not add a little variety?

Maybe instead of star stickers, I’ll get smiley faces.

16 thoughts on “Are you Ready?

  1. Anne, I have a lot of common goals with you here and would be so pleased if we could support each other. As you know, I am also reading through the Bible this year; plus I am making a serious effort to get strong again by working out with weights and walking. And I have writing goals as well. I hadn’t thought of stretching–I like that. That is a very worthy goal for the New Year.


    • Kathleen,

      I’d love to be support buddies. I am enjoying reading through the Bible on a program again. I love how the Lord speaks to us wherever we are in scripture. That’s why it is the “living Word.”

      Stretching is necessary for change. But sometimes, I feel as though I’ll break.


  2. Great post, Anne! Goals chosen with wisdom!
    This past year was frentic, both physically and emotionally. My goal is to BE STILL more, both in body and mind! When my book goes to print, a big sigh will come out and a heavy load off my shourlders. Is this true? I doubt it but I will try. I get bored with rutine. I need to change and expand. This past year, due to financial restrictions, family worries, and my book, I have been feeling nailed down, to a degree, While striving for stillness, I know that I can be free to creatively change a few things, even in a small scale.

    Wishing you all the best in every aspect of life, for this year and always!


    • Katina,

      Thanks for reading. I think the goal “being still,” is a great goal, Katina. One that would benefit all of us. And if we consciously just put some time aside each day, we can have that closeness with Him. I believe you will let out a big sigh when your book is out. But don’t be surprised if part of you will think, “Okay, what next?”

      I’m sorry you have felt nailed down with this past year but I understand. I hope 2014 is a good, healthy and productive year for you. I appreciate you. And thanks for the good wishes you sent my way.


      • Thank you Anne! You are right about being still. That is where we are with God. I know that from personal experience. Working more on being centered and to the moment while doing chores. Ever since my mom lives with us, I am getting much bette on. She is a great role model, You are right about planning the next move. Even though this was a heavy year, it never took us under, thanks to God and His angels, to good friends and good family! We need tough times in order to realize that we are tougher than our hardships.

        All the best, Anne mou, to you and your family, this year and always!


  3. Hi Anne, I always walk anyway and drink a lot of water. I am going to start reading my bible every day. I’ve been neglecting this. Smiley faces…definitely. There’s one on my computer keyboard.
    Happy New Year Anne.


    • Hi Patricia,

      I was in the habit of walking too, but when it gets cold, that’s my convenient excuse. I’m glad I came across these tapes. No more excuses in that area.

      Pray I would fight the resistance regarding water drinking.

      Keeping a smiley face on your computer keyboard. Not sure what that meant. Happy New Year, Patricia. Hope 2014 is a good one for you.


  4. Anne I hardly ever have a resolution because I know I wont keep it, so I want to walk more too, write more too. My husband is on a healthy diet and I am following him too, Here is to a happy, healthy and productive year my friend.


    • Kath,

      I don’t call them resolutions. I am making changes in my life so I’m more productive. I remember reading if you want to accomplish something, write it down. In my case, if I declare it, it’s the same. I do both. I hope this is a happy, healthy, productive year for you as well. I appreciate you. Hey, I’ve started writing a children’s book. It will be a storybook. I have seven stories so far.


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