Goodbye 2013


The year is almost over. For some, it’s been a year of hard times, lots of tears.

While others may wonder if the coming year will be as good as this one.

We have finite minds. It’s the way God made us. But I wonder if we could handle some things, knowing they were coming.

God in his wisdom decides what we should know. And it’s in his timing.

We think we need to know now.

When I sat in the courtroom at 26th and California for my sister’s murder trial I remember thinking. This whole thing would be easier If I just had more information. Then maybe I’d feel more in control.

I was wrong. The more I found out, the worse I felt.

We are encouraged to walk by faith. I’d rather walk by sight.

God wants to develop my faith muscles. The world tells me, “Be independent.”

God says, “Take my yoke upon you.” “Don’t lean on your own understanding.”

Life is hard

If life were easy, we wouldn’t need God. We’d do well by ourselves, thank you very much.

But God has things in store for us, things we can’t imagine. And he reveals them, a little bit at a time.

He asks us to trust him. We’d rather call the shots.

We say God is good at orchestrating life, but then we keep grabbing the baton out of his hand. (Tweet that.)

I remember when he said to me,

“Open your Hand” 

What is that you are holding in your hand
in your fist that is closed ever tight?                                                                    

What is that you are purposely keeping from me,
for you feel that you have the right?
Don’t you know as you grow in your walk with me,
I can see even things that you hide?
Oh, if you only knew what’s in store for you,
you would open your hand so wide.

I once heard a speaker say regarding our responses to God, “delay is still disobedience.” Ouch.

I agree with God on what needs to be done, sometimes. But I often dance with him about his timing. I even try to take the lead.

God tells us to keep in step with him. Instead, I’m either behind him, pushing him. “Come on God, let’s go.”

Or I’m ahead of him trying to drag him along. God is heavy.

And all the while I proclaim I’m God’s daughter.

Well I am. But sometimes I’m his stubborn daughter.

2014 is Almost Here

I like new beginnings. Endings are sad.

So here I am packing up 2013, so I can welcome the new year.

But first, I want to say thank you.

God, I had no idea what you had in store for me in 2013, you had me launch a book, you took my brother Steve home. There were health challenges for me, for my brother George. Yet, none of this surprised you. You are all-knowing. 

And while I have no clue about this coming year, you are the God of all time. You’re already there.

Give me wisdom God. Help me when I want to run ahead of you. Help me rest under your wings.

And when you ask me to do something. Let me take off my pride and just listen. You know better than I do. No matter how I come across.

Thank you for this year, Lord. Help me follow you better in 2014. I pray this in your Son’s precious name. Amen.


12 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013

  1. Very thoughtful post, Anne. I am so inclined to walk by sight and not by faith – even though I know that waiting upon God and His timing are best. You are right, the world tells us to be independent, but God wants us to depend upon Him. Fully. Completely. Always.

    Wishing you a blessed 2014. I know this year has been a tough one for you.


    • My friend Joan,

      I so appreciate all the many times you’ve read my post and commented. You are one of the reasons I love Tribe Writers so much. Yes, this has been a tough year, but there have been very bright spots. Like a little granddaughter named Ruthie. Happy New Year, Joan.


  2. Anne – I feel the same way about you. I’m grateful for all the times you have taken time to read my posts, commented, and offered suggestions. I am truly blessed to call you a friend.

    And yes, little Ruthie is certainly a bright spot. I also enjoy seeing your Facebook posts about Jude and Charlie.


  3. Anne, it has been such an extraordinary blessing to get to know you through your words and ideas this past year. You are a remarkable lady with a gift for creating beautiful images with words. Thank you for your inspiration, your support and your friendship. I hope that 2014 holds many blessings for you.


  4. Kathleen,

    I can echo the words you have just said. I am so thankful for the friendships I have made through Tribe Writers. Thank you for being willing to read my words and for all your encouraging comments. I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you, my friend.


  5. Kath,

    I always get happy when I see my friends have taken the time to read still another blog I’ve written. I’m thankful for our friendship, Kath. I pray this year is a good one for you and your loved ones. I pray that you will move close to working on your book. I’m so thankful we have met through Tribe Writers. Happy New Year, Kath.


  6. Dear Anne, I will take off my pride and listen this year. Stop thinking me, me all the time. 2013 was a good year and also a hard one. Especially the holiday season. With Him on our side we will survive.
    Happy New Year and thanks for being my friend.


  7. Patricia,

    That stubborn pride, refusing to be shed. And just when we think we’ve gotten it taken care of, it shows up in another area. I heard on a podcast recently that pride is not always, “Wow, look at the good I’ve done.” Sometimes it is anything that gets us to look at us. Ouch. This year I want to enjoy life. I’m certain God wants that for me too.


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