Come on in—the water’s fine Tribe Writers

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We’ve all felt it. Moments when we didn’t fit in, being outside looking in. Years later, we still feel the sting of those experiences. More than anything, they made us want to protect ourselves from ever feeling that way again, no matter what.

When I saw a blog advertising a writing program, Tribe Writers, something stirred inside me. Could I do this?

I liked what I read about the program, and I liked the blogs the teacher, Jeff Goins wrote, but I had reservations. I didn’t know anyone there. I was scared. And yet, I wanted to become a better writer.

So I took the plunge. And it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.

The journey

New endeavors are always challenging. I learned about blogging, about technical things. I literally shook the first time I had to press “submit.”

I’m not a tech person, so it took me longer, but I hung in there. I learned I wasn’t alone. There were  people willing to help.

“Write something scary”

We got one assignment and my heart started beating faster, my feet got cold. Write something scary? I avoided scary things. And we were being asked to go towards them? Was he kidding?

As I read entries of other Tribe Writers I realized I was not the only one scared. And yet, some of the best writing came out of that assignment.

Something unlocked inside me when I realized I could write about the scary things. And as I did, not only did it free me up, but by doing it, I was inviting others to share their scary places.

Something bigger

I tasted community in a new way. I was part of something bigger than myself. They were in the water splashing around, inviting me to join them. They assured me it would be okay, and they were right.

When members needed prayer, they posted it. When someone needed help, others responded. We held different beliefs and it was okay. We accepted each other, cared about each other. And we welcomed each new person in.

What you will find with Tribe Writers:

  • a place where you’re free to share your writing
  • a place where people are willing to help you
  • clear instruction on getting where you want to go

What you will not find.

  • a magic formula that guarantees a best seller
  • harsh criticism
  • an elite group that is closed

For me

Before Tribe Writers, I had published Bible Studies and articles with Christianity Today. Since I’ve been in Tribe Writers, I published my first book, Real Love: Guaranteed to Last.

I’m launching two new books, Broken, YET:Growing through the Pain of Abuse, and Beneath the Surface: a Book of Poetry. That’s three books within a year!

Before Tribe Writers, I thought tweets were sounds birds made. Other Tribe Writers helped me get started with Twitter. My blogging is regular and I have tripled my fans. Guest posting enabled me to speak to other audiences.

What about you?

Do you have a story inside you waiting to come out? Do you want to improve your writing? Do you want to leave a legacy?

Tribe Writers may be for you.

The teaching, the encouragement, the valuable interviews. It’s not just a class—it’s an experience. A real community.

Tribe Writers is starting another session, Wednesday, November 6th.

We’d love to have you join us. Come on in—the water’s fine.

For more information click HERE.

Disclaimer: The link to Tribe Writers is an affiliate link. It won’t cost you anymore money to join and it helps me buy groceries.


14 thoughts on “Come on in—the water’s fine Tribe Writers

  1. Anne, this is so true and I’m so grateful for the connections made through Tribe Writers. You were one of the first people I “met” and I so appreciated you taking time to review and make suggestions for my writing. I’m thankful for our friendship.



  2. Anne, this post so perfectly describes what we all felt at one point or another.
    Its beautiful and makes me feel blessed and lucky to belong, even if I still walk baby steps!

    Be blessed my friend! You are a blessing in my life!


  3. Anne, after following Jeff for about a year, I met him at his Meetup in Dallas this past Sunday. I had heard about Tribe Writers in the past, but never spent the time to find out exactly what it was or what it involved. Needless to say, I registered for this session’s course anyway because I trust Jeff, his writing method, and style. Thanks for your post! Happy to hear of your success!


    • Michele,
      I think it’s great that you got to meet Jeff this past Sunday. I’m glad you are going to be a Tribe Writer. I look forward to getting to know you. At a speaking engagement, I got to meet his grandma!


    • Kath,

      Thanks for reading. I know how busy you are right now. I look forward to hearing what you think of my book. That’s great that you are plugging away at Nano. I’m sure you will take what is good from the experience. That’s the kind of person you are. I’m very thankful for Tribe Writers and all the great people I’ve met. Glad you liked my post.


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