Life is Like a Window

Photo courtesy of Jessica Peterson.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Peterson.

This post is in response to a question by Pamela Hodges. What is life like?

Life is like a window.

Looking through the glass, we see colors shouting with vibrancy. Or we notice subdued ones that are quietly there.

We can open the window, letting fragrances bathe us. Listening to the sounds around.

Or we can sit in mustiness with our windows and ears shut tight.

We see different scenes through the glass. Trees blush, inviting us to watch the show.

People run by with nowhere to go. Dogs take their masters for walks. There is movement all around.

Little birds hide in bushes. As squirrels play tag while bunnies hop by.

Drawing our shades we can try to keep the world out. Life won’t force its way in. It goes on.

Wind blows against shaky panes, unsettling for awhile. Rain slides down in clear lines.

Windows fracture from disappointment and loss. But even then, light streams in, warming rooms, creating shadows that dance on walls.

Life is like a window.

What will you see today?

10 thoughts on “Life is Like a Window

    • Thanks Eileen,
      As wrote that today I was watching the reflections the light was making through my office window. And I watch them change and move, like a dance. Thanks for reading and for your comment.


  1. Dear Anne, you sound lonely today, your windows shut against the world. I see a woman with enormous talent, a writer and poet, behind the window, the light playing across her kind eyes. This woman has inspired me and lifted my spirits countless times with her words. I believe that sometimes is necessary to shut a window on the world. To be with yourself, to recharge your batteries. Windows can be repaired and ultimately those people aimlessly running have to arrive somewhere. Hopefully they don’t realize that too late.
    This morning standing in the transport bus at the airport, gazing at my fellow passengers, I thought…please stop the world, I want to get off…Where are we running too, what will we do when we arrive, if we arrive in one piece. Then I too want to shut the window or go and live in a lighthouse.


    • Patricia,

      Our words reflect what is going on in our hearts. I believe there are different parts of us that are louder at times. For some reason when I hurt in any way, the words pour out of me. When I wrote this piece I saw both things. That the window can reflect the good and the sad. And while I have a lot in my world that I love and am happy about, at the same time I miss those who used to be in it.

      Yes, I have the knowledge that I will see them again. I will spend eternity with them, but it is in the moment that I will ache for one more moment with them. Or to share one funny story that seems much funnier when shared.

      The window is cracked, just as we are broken people. But the light can still stream in. And oh, what a difference that makes.

      Thanks for reading my piece. But even more than that, thanks for making it a meal. And I am truly touched by your kind words. Thank you, Patricia.


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