A Little Taste of “Sweet Grace”


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Today was his birthday. But his birthdays stopped when he turned 52. My dad was morbidly obese.

It’s hard living with obesity in your family. One particular memory is clear.

“Who wants to get an ice cream cone?”

“I do,” we all yelled from each room in our house.

All four of my siblings and I ran to the car.

Minutes later my brother and I waited by the window for our order. I heard some kids  laughing. I looked over to see them looking at our car. Then one of the boys spread his arms wide, pointing to my dad. At that moment, I didn’t want him to be my dad.

I slithered over to the car once we got our cones. But I swallowed that shame with the ice cream. Food can help you swallow a lot of your feelings.

At one time or another, me and  my family members all struggled with our weight. Everything revolved around food. Owning a Snack Shop made it even easier. We went there often.

“Mom, can I make a sundae?”

“Sure,” she’d say.

Like chains, we carried our excess weight around. I wish things had been different. But wishing doesn’t change things. Change comes by making different choices.

Recently, I was asked to read the book, “Sweet Grace: How I Lost 250 Pounds and Stopped Trying to Earn God’s Favor,” by Teresa Shields Parker.

I related to Teresa’s story as she shared the importance food had in her life.Teresa talked about her addiction to sugar. People with addictions to drugs and alcohol can find treatment centers all over. There is no place to help those addicted to sugar, so Teresa addressed that issue.

This is a book you need to read if you struggle with your weight. To read my review of Sweet Grace click HERE.

On a personal level, when I tried losing weight I discovered if I stayed away from sugar it was much easier to make wise food choices. I realized sugar was not my friend no matter how sweet it was.

I used to tell people, “I can’t keep cheesecake in the house. If I have one piece it calls my name till it’s all gone.”

So when I read “Sweet Grace,” the book resonated with me.

But let me tell you, Teresa will challenge you. “If it were easy, we’d all do it. When are you going to do the hard stuff?”

John Pierpont Morgan said, “The first step to getting somewhere, is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”

This applies to losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

My dad died 37 years ago. He missed out on a lot of living.

Change is hard. But so is the alternative.

Sweet Grace releases today on Amazon. To order the book click HERE.


Sweet Grace by Teresa Shields Parker

11 thoughts on “A Little Taste of “Sweet Grace”

  1. I’ve not read Teresa’s book yet, but I am aware of her journey. She is a real heroine of faith and much to be admired for this battle that she has fought for her life. I love your sharing about sugar, I was an addict too! Much better off without it 🙂


    • Her book is excellent. She is transparent and does not “sugar coat,” the struggle. I could NOT resist. In fact, not being able to resist has always been the problem. That’s why cutting it out altogether is the answer. She had facts in there I did not know. And even the sugar imposters fail because your brain thinks it IS sugar. I really liked this book a lot.


  2. What a wonderful post and review Anne you wrote for Teresa’s Book. Very sensitive and daring, inspiring others by itself.

    I have lost touch with so much, that I did not know the book is released. I wrote a post/article for her many months ago, but never sent it to her with all that happened.

    Maybe I can post that for her now…I will get in touch with Teresa!

    Thank you Anne for opening my eyes!


    • Katina,

      Teresa’s book just released yesterday. She had a launch party in Missouri on Sunday and I read that it went well.

      I’m sure you could still post that article and link to her site, or Amazon. She’ll let you know when you get in touch with her.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and for your comments.


  3. As you know Anne, I love ice-cream but is not a big fan of sweets. I also love to exercise so keeping in shape is not a big issue. I have found that if you eat less than you burn then you are okay. From living in the US for 3 years I have noticed that weight is a BIG problem. So was the portions and also the food that is full of preservatives. The Europeans do not have weight issues because they eat very differently. Small portions and fresh food from markets every day. Actually they love to eat, they eat with all 5 senses. The Americans seems to eat because they have too. I’m not criticizing, just making an observation. In the States I struggled with my weight while I never had problems with in Europe. Here in SA we eat much the same as in the US and that is why the South Africans have the same problems. I have to exercise so much harder to keep my weight down.
    Thankfully we’ll go back to Europe in March.
    Meanwhile I love your post because the ice-cream cone looks delicious. LOL


    • Patricia,

      I have changed a few of my eating habits but my exercise habits are not regular, especially when it starts getting colder. I do have a walking tape that I used indoors and I need to do that again. I just feel better when I do 4-5 miles a day. And I know it affects our brain chemicals.

      Both sets of my grandparents emigrated from Greece. My dad was old school Greek, as my uncle said. Very strict and so forth, but he adopted many of the American ways of cooking. I don’t remember my dad doing anything in the way of exercise, my mother either.

      I totally agree with how the Europeans eat with all their senses. Mike and I loved visiting little establishments when Mike was stationed in Germany for two tours.

      I am smiling because you told me you liked the post because of the picture of the ice cream looking so good. You were not the first person to say that. Thanks for reading.


      • I know much of her pain as well! I’ve a family a little like hers, and I’ve also taken sugar out of my diet a few times. I always feel better without it. The only time we even have white sugar is for baking for friends or my husband. Other than that, we’re a veggies people 🙂


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