We Need to Talk (FmF)


Hooking up with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Prompt: ordinary

I’ve seen you before. I’ve looked into your eyes when you’ve looked away.

I see your hurt. But I want to tell you something.

You matter. You are important.

Sure, it probably doesn’t mean a lot coming from me. But it’s true.

I’ve come to understand some things in a new light.

You aren’t what you think you are—ordinary. The truth is you can’t be.

The maker of everything we see created you.

Purposely he chose each of your features.

He didn’t just haphazardly choose that nose, that mouth. They were handpicked with you in mind.

He gave you that hair. Those eyes that others look to.

And see your hands? They are capable of helping those who are feeling low.

I see you. And I know you don’t feel special, but you are.

The same God who hung the stars in place and named each of them. The same God who fashioned each snowflake to be unique.

He’s the one who made you.

And if that was’t enough, he gave you His Son. He let Jesus be beaten and tortured so that one day when you saw it for yourself, you would believe it. You would hold onto him forever.

I’m talking to you.

You—in the mirror.

14 thoughts on “We Need to Talk (FmF)

    • I remember when I used to pretend.

      Inside Out

      Don’t be fooled when you look at me,
      things are not as they seem to be.
      The smile I put on carefully
      does not reflect the inner me.
      It cannot hide the pain inside,
      so don’t be fooled when you look at me.


  1. Anne, how beautiful these words are!

    In just five minutes you encourage all of your readers to take a second look and see with different eyes the person staring back through the mirror.

    To take it further, we all know one or more persons who might feel “ordinary” and need us to make them feel extraordinary and special.

    Bless you Anne!


  2. Anne simply well written and a beautiful message to thy self. You are gifted with a writers talent and a mothers nurturing heart. A strong message for all, no one lives in a perfect world and we all strive for peace of mind.


  3. Anne, you are wrong. It DOES mean a lot coming from you. You are not ordinary and you know, I never really thought of myself that way. Thank you for your story today. I need to know that and I need to know that about the people I love.


    • Patricia, your comments mean a lot to me.

      When we are feeling ordinary it’s because we have somehow given in to the temptation to compare. Otherwise how would we ever feel ordinary? Comparisons are such a trap. You never win.


  4. Anne, this is lovely. The tendency to believe the lie that we are ordinary and unimportant, to even see the lie in the mirror is common, I know. And your words are truth, I know that too. So how is it that so many of us still live in a broken state where we disparage the Creator’s handiwork and live in self-defeat? Your words are a balm, soothing and sweet. Thank you.


    • Rebeca,
      Thanks for reading and for your thoughtful comments. I think many of us live in the state of self-defeat because the enemy is crafty. When we are weak he whispers and we acknowledge the lies that sound so true. One day we will be free from his presence. Till then we must rely on the Spirit to strengthen the weak places and we can rely on each other to help us up when we fall down.


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