Dear World,

This post is my response to An Open Letter… from the Rest of the World
as well as my entry in the Open Letter Challenge writing contest
organized by Josh Irby.

Dear World,

Trembling, I open your letter.

It’s not everyday

you hear from the world.

Surprised, I keep reading.

Your words lift my weariness.

I want to believe

the applause are for me.

But the naysayers are loud,

trying to drown out your cheers.

And I see so many writers

on every corner—at every desk.

But maybe you’re right;

there is only one me.

One who can tell my story.

I want to believe what you say,

that you need my piece

of the puzzle.

I must learn to cheer for myself,

to keep going when I feel like quitting.

I sit before my empty screen and type.

Picking up my pom pom, I smile.

This is what I’m made for.

Thank you World.

I am more than a dot.


Anne Peterson, poet and author

14 thoughts on “Dear World,

  1. You are more than a dot. You are encouragement and support and beautiful true words and a nanna to the boys and a beautiful someone whom He conceived before you were even a gleam in your parents’ eyes. Only one unique wonderful you. Keep writing:)


  2. Dear Anne, your open letter is very encouraging and true. I whole heartedly agree with Kath. You are a writer with an amazing story the world needs to read about. Last night I could not sleep and counting sheep and found a topic for my open letter to the world.
    I’ll write it today.
    Thank you for being an amazing friend too.


    • Patricia,
      I’m going to send you a picture of a sheep I saw yesterday on Facebook that made me laugh, since you mentioned counting sheep.

      Thank you for your comment. I had started my response at least four times. Looking forward to reading your entry.

      I consider you an amazing friend as well. One I hope to meet face to face, like I met a TribeWriter in Michigan. When we hugged it was as if I had known her for years.


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    • Erika,
      Thanks for reading and for your thoughtful response. Maybe if enough people tell us we are unique we will begin to believe it.
      I think with all the negative out there, we need more positives like this.


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