Like a blanket (Five minute Friday)

Sitting in desperation I gave in to dark thoughts of what her last moments would have been. The images were tormenting me. I knew their source.

Still, in the midst of it I couldn’t seem to exit, couldn’t seem to replace those thoughts. But quietly I sensed another presence.

He entered quietly, as He always did. And with a hand on my trembling shoulder he simply whispered.

Not empty words that would dissolve as soon as he left my side. Not verses that he had written in the love letter he left me. No He simply said,

“Anne, I was with her.”

And the facts I had been forced to live with, that my sister had been murdered were still there. They just seemed to lessen a bit.

Not because they became less horrible. But because one of my fears was that she was alone.

And even without knowing exactly how she died. Without having her body to lay beneath the ground where her gravestone is. I felt something only God could give.


It was a blanket he gently covered me with. To keep the awful cold of reality from swallowing me up.

It was the same one I felt so many other times in my life. When each loved one was lowered below.

Four words that changed my whole outlook of this nightmare. I was with her.

Comfort. He gave me comfort.

With plenty to spare for you.

29 thoughts on “Like a blanket (Five minute Friday)

  1. Hi Anne. WOW. Thank you SO much for sharing your story with us. You are an amazing writer. I love this “It was a blanket he gently covered me with. To keep the awful cold of reality from swallowing me up.” So powerful.


  2. Anne, what a perfect description of a perfect comfort. That is an unspeakable agony, the not knowing, the imagining, and it’s really only God who can possibly comfort you in that. I’m glad He did. God bless! Hope you come back next week and share more with us.


  3. Anne, it has been a week of questioning for me, with visits to three people who are dying painfully and at an agonizing snail’s pace. I was writing about a woman grieving over her son’s death. And then, God gave me these words through you. For myself and for the book. Truly he is with us and gives us comfort and more to spare. Beautiful. Alleluia


    • Audrey,
      Sorry you’ve been having such a hard week. I’ll pray for you. Glad God is giving you the words you need. He’ll give you the strength you need as well. Thanks for reading and for your comments.


  4. Awesome, Anne, truly awesome. Five minutes of pure magic. You have touched our hearts with grace as He touched yours. Lovely! Can’t wait to read more of your contributions in the future. Thank you 🙂 x


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