Here’s a book you have to read called, “Wrecked.”

Let me tell you about a book I recently devoured, Wrecked by Jeff Goins. 

This book was written for:

  • those who are searching for their purpose and not finding it.
  • those who have been wrecked and know there’s something more.
  • those who realize they are not the only ones here.
  • those who have been comforted by God and want to comfort others.
  • those who want to be challenged.

You will find yourself drawn into the many stories Jeff introduces in his book. He describes his characters with such clarity, not only will you picture them clearly, but you’ll find you cannot forget them.   

Jeff tells the stories of others who were wrecked, including the story of his own journey. A journey he admits, he’s still on. And tucked within the pages are nuggets of truth we all need. Like the truth that life is messy. This is not a “feel good” book peppered with platitudes and pithy sayings. It gets you to focus on things you didn’t want to see, didn’t want to think about.  

Reading this book will unsettle you, make you uncomfortable. But, don’t worry, that just means God is  stirring your heart of compassion, the heart he gave you. After reading Wrecked you will clearly recognize people you never saw before. People with real needs all around you, needing to be helped. .

“It’s been said, ‘The true gospel comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable.’ Jeff reminds us that Jesus not only came to heal broken hearts—but also to shatter the status quo. Let his book be an invitation to say yes to Jesus and then do something daring with your life.” —Shane Claiborne, author, activist, and lover of Jesus,

First, you need to read this book; then expect to be changed.

To order your copy, get your first chapter free and see other bonus offerings, go to

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