“Come out, come out wherever you are!”

It was the most fun ever. We practically lived to play hide and seek. I remember the day I found my perfect spot.

On the second floor of our brown-framed house sat a small room. Today we would refer to it as a walk-in-closet. Back then we called it the sewing room for that’s where mom kept her singer sewing machine in the corner by the window. The light colored gray room had two hanging poles where out of season clothes hung on wire hangers. In addition there were a couple of garment bags, a light green one and a pink one. The green one was filled with a couple of suits, still in the plastic bags from the cleaners. Bags we were warned were dangerous. 

The second hanging wardrobe bag held less clothing. It was a quilted plastic material with a convenient rip at the bottom. The bag was about a foot wide, going all the way down, almost touching the floor. The rip enabled me to lift the bag and cover my nine- year-old body, including my black and white oxfords.

Once inside the bag, I stood perfectly still, convinced it was the best hiding place ever. I could hear my sister Peggy’s approaching footsteps. Would my thumping heart give me away? Sweat streamed down my face on that hot summer day. Finally she was in the room, just inches away. Quietly I wondered if anyone had ever died playing this game? I literally held my breath, but fortunately she left the room as quickly as she had entered.

Within moments I heard distant squeals as she discovered the hiding places of my siblings, one by one. 

Did I actually have a chance this time?

Finally after endless moments, I heard the words I had been waiting for,

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

Carefully I lifted the garment bag up so I could quickly join the others. Making sure the bag hung normally, I left the room. 

Flying down the back stairs, I joined everyone else. 

“Where were you?” they asked.

My smile covered my whole face, but I said nothing. 

Victory was sweet that day. I would visit that special spot again on more than one occasion.

When mom asked about the growing rip in the garment bag, I feigned ignorance, hoping she wouldn’t mend it.

Funny how that memory is so vivid after being tucked away for so many years. How fun to be instantly transported back in time so long ago, and far away. It makes me wonder how many other memories may be hiding from me. Hmmm,

“Come out, come out wherever you are!”

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