We all have chains. Things that stop us from going forward at times while we watch others sail past us. Or at least inch by. 

Someone recently told me that the chains we have are really paper. At first, I found that interesting. It gave me hope that I could break them off and go for it.

Until I realized that at times, I feel like paper, and there I was again, overpowered.   

I am tenacious. Some might say stubborn. But the upside to tenacity is that I stay with something till I figure it out. The downside is I don’t know when to give up. Still, I’m hopeful I will find the middle ground.  

Maybe the chains are there for a reason, I try to convince myself. Maybe I’m supposed to stay right here in this 3 foot section of my yard. And there are actually times I think I could resign myself to that restriction, except for the nagging. The nagging within that tells me I should try. That I don’t have to be bound by my fears.  

Can I tell you something? Sometimes I’m scared. Not scared of failing. I’ve failed before, and I know what that feels like. I’m afraid of succeeding.

It’s one thing to scribble goals on a piece of paper or write them in a folder on my computer. But, what if I reach my goals, then what?

Yep, sometimes these chains are pretty comfortable.

Until I look up and see others I admire moving forward, overcoming obstacles. And I’m inspired to try.

I’m glad God is sovereign. Glad he goes with me wherever I go. And thankful he is bigger than any chains that might stop me.

I’m going to go for it. I’m going to break these chains, leaving them in a crumpled pile. 

Maybe not this moment, but it’s coming; I can feel it. And then watch out. I will be a force to be reckoned with. 

But for now, you’re safe. I’m looking at the chains right now. And at the very least, they look like cardboard.

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