your purpose

I read a good post today on Michael Hyatt’s site. He talked about why we’re not dead yet. If we are still here, then we have not completed our purpose. 

I believe my purpose is to write. More specifically, to take the pain I’ve experienced and let God turn it into words of comfort, like in 2Corinthians 1:4. 

We’d be lost without God’s Word. 

Did you know, when Jesus died, we were the joy that was set before Him? When he died he endured the cross because He was thinking about us. And I don’t mean us when we were all polished and dressed in our best.

I mean us who blow it, saying and doing things we shouldn’t do. Us, who don’t say and do things we should.  

We forget that he died for us while we were yet sinners. 

You know how I know this is true? I look at my prayer life. And sometimes I have actually felt I had more of a right to pray than at others. After all, didn’t I just finish working for Him, giving to Him, mentioning Him?

How arrogant is that? The truth is, God made a way for us to reach Him through Jesus. It’s the only way. 

God loves you, just as you are. He loves me just as I am. 

Have you thought about what your purpose might be?

You know, if you’re reading this, you’re not done yet either. 


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