a fresh look at pain

Nobody likes pain. At least no one I know. 

I’m not a big fan either. And yet, since a one day conference with Larry Crabb last month, I am trying to look at pain differently, with fresh eyes.

I guess I’m seeing value in it.  A few things to be sure. 

– pain causes me to be more sensitive. When we experience difficult things in our lives it sensitizes us to others who share those experiences.

– pain reminds me I’m alive. Without the ability to feel pain we could injure ourselves. A burn causes us to stand back from the fire.

– pain can yield good things. God promises that he will work all things together for good. It doesn’t mean everything that happens to us is good, but he’ll work good into it.

I’m still not a pain lover, but I do like some of the results of pain. One thing I appreciate about pain is the realization that God has also experienced pain and knows how we feel. 

Though pain is a difficult teacher, we rarely forget the lessons. 

One day there will be no more pain, no more suffering. But for now, I am learning to embrace the pain and instead of asking God why me? I am asking, “Lord, what do you want me to learn from this?”

What valuable lesson has pain taught you?

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