It was God.

A couple of days ago I received an innocent call. An elderly woman asked if I knew a Pete Peterson. In an effort to find him, she was calling the Petersons in the phone book. 
Although I didn’t know a Pete Peterson, I felt compelled to stay on the phone with her. 
She wanted to surprise her husband by inviting Pete, longtime friend to her husband’s birthday party. Her husband is ill and I asked if I could pray for her. She agreed and when I was finished I heard her sobbing. 

“I just want to do this for him.”

My heart went out to her. I continued talking and while she was on the phone with me, I started searching the internet for her friend. Though I didn’t have any luck I had enough information to continue the search and told her I would call her if I had any news.  

The following day she called again and I told her I found a Peterson that might be Pete’s daughter. It was a small chance, but nonetheless I gave her that information.

Then I went about my day. While I was emailing a friend I told her the story. She told me she knew a Pete Petersen. When she told me his information it didn’t match up and I was going to dismiss it. He even spelled his name differently.  

My friend emailed me again, giving me her friend Pete’s information. So, I called him in Tennessee, leaving a short message on his machine.

He called me back and here’s the best part, it’s her Pete!! He had been looking for his friends for years and eventually gave up. 

I can’t stop smiling. This weekend there will be a birthday party and someone will turn 75. A sweet woman will surprise her husband with a party surrounded by his friends. 

I just want you to know it would have been easy to just dismiss the call. God wanted me to stay on. I wasn’t just talking to a voice, it was a person.

She said she wished she knew how to thank me, but I told her it was God.
Just so you know, while I was on the phone with her, I did hear other questions,
“What are you doing? You don’t know this person. She could be a real nut.”

I wonder how many opportunities are lost because we listen to the wrong voice.
2 Peter 5:7 says, “Cast your cares on Him for He cares for you.” 

God cares about what we care about, even birthday parties. 

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