In Step

I’ve been thinking a lot about how God tells us to be in step with the Holy Spirit. This is a hard request. Mainly because we think we are authorities on our lives. We have an idea how things should go and when they should move. For God to ask us to be in step with His Spirit means we will have to forego our ideas, and that is where the difficulties lie. We really like to drive. I find that no matter who is behind the wheel in our vehicle as long as I can apply my own brake, I’m okay. Sure, it’s aggravating to the driver as I press down on the floor or make an occasional gasp, but at least I’m not grabbing the steering wheel, if you don’t count that one time.

We like to be in charge. 

When the Israelites were told that they would be led by the cloud by day and fire by night they had little choice. Every day they didn’t have to worry about where they should go, or how long they should stay there. God determined it. They simply had to obey. When I think about them, I hear myself say, “Wow, that would be great.”

But, when I give it a little more thought I realize it didn’t matter what they thought, they were not driving. The whole trip they were to make would have taken weeks. It took them 40 years. And as we find out from scripture, some of them never made it.

God cares about our obedience. He implores us to follow His lead. And His Holy Spirit is there to guide and direct. 

If I could just get myself out of the way, it would be so much easier. And yet, that is done when I decide to get out of the driver’s seat. 

Being in step with the Spirit means waiting on God’s timing. It doesn’t mean I run ahead and try to pull him with me. Nor does it mean I drag my feet when He tells me it’s time to go.

I heard somewhere that partial obedience is disobedience.

When God says “Go,” we’re supposed to go.

So, today I am asking God to help me be in step with the Holy Spirit. You know, I don’t have to worry about the destination. God will get me where He wants me to be. I just need to worry about the next step.

I think maybe I’ll rest my eyes and let Him drive.

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