It’s funny how our perspectives change according to what’s going on in our lives.

You go through life with dreams and goals you hope to attain and then you take the necessary steps. If your goal is a career you have one path, and each path has little detours.

If your journey includes illness it’s a different set of rules, a different path altogether. One of my loved ones is fighting cancer. It is difficult to watch someone as they deteriorate right before your eyes. The other day I saw him struggle with one of the most basic things, plugging in his cord to his cellphone to charge it. His mind knew what he wanted to do, his fingers tried to follow the steps, but there was a disconnect. The simplest thing was so difficult.

That same day I saw him try to pick up a utensil. Something we do subconsciously, with no effort. Not so, when someone is ill.

What I’ve noticed is that we end up being happy with the little things accomplished. Just like when we have a baby and watch the growth of our child. Each new day we see him/her accomplish things never done before.

Maybe as one is ill their journey is similar to that of a child. All I know is I am being thankful for things I once took for granted. The ability to do the smallest tasks.

He got to go outside. It was the first time in a long time. And we go outside everyday. To us it’s not a huge accomplishment, but instead it’s something we just do.

Perspective. It changes everything, doesn’t it?

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