In Between

I’ll admit it, I’m a black and white thinker. It’s something I’m trying to change but sometimes it’s a real struggle. Still, I’m determined to hang in there till I see other shades.

Recently I fell prey to my faulty thinking.

Waiting for results from a medical test I had two scenarios worked out.

A) If the results were good then I would feel a certain way.

B) If the results were bad, then my feelings would follow suit.

Black or white, no in between.

I am learning that God works in between a lot of the time. 

Well, finally the results came and they were neither A nor B. They were C.

I found myself back in the waiting room, the place we all dread. Plus, I didn’t have plans for C.

The good news is, God isn’t surprised by any scenario, He sees all. God already knows our what our futures hold.

I can trust in the fact that He knows when I don’t have a clue.

God is a Grace dispenser and will give me Grace for what lies ahead. 

God is even in the “in between” parts of life.

I’m not going to lie. I wish my results would have been more cut and dry. I wish the waiting would be over, but I am moving towards resting in God instead of my circumstances.

Our circumstances can change in a moment. He never changes.

Our circumstances can be big. He is bigger still.

Back to the waiting room, but as I settle in with my magazines something is different: I am learning to lean hard on God. To leave the results to HIm. This is hard, but I know He’ll help me. 

I wish I was completely well right now, but I’m glad that I know Jehovah Rapha, the one who heals.

And as God transforms my black and white thinking, I know He will be patient with me. He knows it takes me a while. But He’s patient. He has all the time in the world.

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