members of one body

I love the illustrations God gives us for what he says in the Word. Well, some of them. January 31st, I was with my grandson’s, Jude and Charlie at a local gym. It’s where the kids can play when it’s too cold outside. While we were there I saw the basketball hoops, I saw a couple basketballs and I asked myself, “Why not?”

So I grabbed the basketball and dribbled around making a shot. In! Remembering how much I used to like this I kept going and going and going. By the 5th basket I was wondering if any of the other parents had noticed my skills. The last shot had missed and came back with such force off the backboard it dislocated my little finger. I remember looking down at my hand and thinking, “that wasn’t like that before.”

Immediately I ran up to one of the fathers and asked if I could just put it back in place. Being in an emergency room with two little ones, was not on my agenda for that weekend together. The father responded, “I don’t know.”

The second person I approached was a nurse’s aid and she told me if I thought I could do it, I could try.

I prayed as I firmly took my finger and put it back in place. It didn’t freak me out or anything. I could still bend it and I thought it was the end of the story. I was wrong.

It was bothersome at times but then at church I showed it to a nurse who said, “that could be broken.”

Since I had broken this pinkie finger twice before I didn’t think it was broken, but decided to see a doctor. Xrays were taken and will find out the results.

I brought all this up for two reasons. 1) to let you know I can shoot baskets, though I think my career is over.

2) to share how this little appendage really matters.

It was then I saw the illustration God uses about the body and its many parts and how each member of the body is important. I miss being able to use my little finger in the way it was intended.

I feel miserable when it hurts. All the other fingers try to help out but they have their own parts to do. That little finger is very important. I know the other fingers are going to be so glad when the health is restored to their little member. They will probably all want to clap for joy, though I will have to discourage that.

Each of us is important. No matter what our role is, we all matter.

Following my injury my grandson, Jude said, “Gwamma, I don’t think you should play with the basketball.”

Looking down at my injury I just shook my head. I think he may be right.

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