One thing I want to get better at is focus. I’m pretty good at focusing, but sometimes I’m focused on the wrong thing.

I want to learn how to stay on God even when my emotions are screaming for my attention. Peter did okay walking on the water when he had the right focus. But, as soon as his focus moved off his master, he noticed everything around him.

I wonder if that’s why God encourages us to “Be still, and know that he is God.”

He knew how distracted we would be. It somehow gets easier to be distracted in this world. It used to be that you did one thing at a time, more if you were a mom. Then you needed to multitask. 

Now, people are always multitasking. There is call waiting for that next call you have to take. You have facebook and it’s always someone’s birthday or someone does something you just want to respond to.

When you watch TV it just seems like it’s a myriad of messages that bombard you at the same time. Even on the news, more than one person talks at a time causing you to dart your eyes back and forth so as not to miss anything.

No longer do you get a letter through the mail that you can hold and read and tuck away to read later. Now you instantly receive emails that multiply so quickly. I recently heard of someone who came back from vacation to 100 emails to attend to.

I notice that when things seem awry it’s because my focus is off. God hasn’t moved at all, I’ve looked away, in another direction.

The good news is, when Peter called out to the Lord the Bible says IMMEDIATELY the Lord reached out and helped him. We need to add things to our lives that will help us focus better.

I have a good friend, and when my focus gets off at all she is a person who will lovingly point it out. I thank God for her.

We need to help those whose focus is off. Mostly, when my focus is off it’s on me. But, it doesn’t matter what our focus is on, it just matters that we get it back to where it needs to be.

Then we can see that the giants are really not giants, and the thing that seemed insurmountable isn’t insurmountable to God. We can focus on who He is and not on what is all around us.

Focus is really important. I’m glad God has given us His Holy Spirit to help us and remind us of truth when we start looking elsewhere and believing lies.

God, thanks so much for your great love. Help me better focus on You. 

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