We’re not really big on Turkey so I thought I would try a pork chop recipe. The recipe said to soak the pork chops in this marinade for 2 hours. I can do that I thought, so I did. I winced a little when I saw how much salt was in the recipe, but I figured it would be okay, it promised succulent pork chops and pork chops are my husband’s favorite.

I busied myself with making the mashed potatoes, a bread stuffing, and homemade gravy. When the two hours were up I fried the pork chops and we were ready to eat.

This is going to be good. At least that was my expectation.

Well, the pork chops were not good. Not good at all.

I do have to give my family kudos for being gracious. I am my own worst critic and even I gave myself grace.

It was one recipe in a lifetime of recipes. One meal of thousands. 

At least I know what Pork Chop recipe to never make again.

I did notice something valuable in all of this. I probably won’t try a new recipe for a holiday meal. 

And, I’m learning to flex a little better. A while back I can guarantee this failed recipe would have ruined my day. That wasn’t the case this time. Now that’s growth.

Oh, and I’m still not sorry I didn’t make turkey.

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