God doesn’t change

We really like to walk by sight. It’s easier, it feels like we have more control. The key word here is “feels.” I remember being up at Camp Awana in Wisconsin. When it got dark, it didn’t matter how well you knew the way to the round house, or even to the mess hall. You could see nothing without a flashlight. And it would light just enough of your path so you could make it without stumbling. God’s Word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path. 

Sometimes I want a floodlight. I want to see the whole picture. God lets me see the next step. Sometimes, not even that. I feel like I have control when I know what is up ahead. That’s a lie.  

God wants me to trust him, not the things around me. This is a hard lesson. Sometimes I think I’m trusting him. And then later, I see I was trusting him to do what I wanted. He is God, and when we trust him we see he is going to do what he wants. Many times I trust others, or my circumstances, or even myself. God is faithful to reveal that I really wasn’t trusting him. Maybe at those times I still believe that he is big and mighty, but that maybe there are some things he cannot do. When I’m trusting in myself, maybe I think God needs my help. Ouch, that hurts even writing it.

I’m glad God knows our frames and that we are as dust. Maybe Annie S. Hawks was right when she wrote the lyrics, “I need thee every hour.”

The world’s message is that we should be “independent”, that we can do it.

In John 15:5 Jesus said “without me you can do nothing.” I think sometimes we believe without him we can do less, or without him things will be harder. But, that’s not what he said.

As children, we learned the song written by Ruth Harms Calkin, “My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do.” Nothing. That’s why we can trust him.

God is immutable, which means he doesn’t change. Aren’t you glad. In this world with everything changing before our eyes, I’m glad God is constant.

We change. The strength we once had seems to diminish through the years, our ability to do things lessens. Or maybe it just takes us a little longer. That’s not true about God. He is almighty, and he’ll always be almighty.

Somewhere along the line we think God is like us. We tire from things, God is long-suffering. He doesn’t say, “Anne, I can’t believe you are still asking me for that? Let’s move on!”

From the time we are little we learn about how big God is, how he can do anything. Then as we journey through life he proves it over and over again. And years later while we put grandchildren on our laps, we still see. God remains the same. We could trust him before, and we can trust him now. God doesn’t change. 

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