Patience is a hard one. Sometimes we’re aware that the lessons before us are to teach us patience. Sometimes it’s subtle. I see lessons all around me.

I used to be a toe tapper. You know what I mean don’t you? I’d be the one in line at a grocery store, wanting to get out of there. It never failed, I would always end up in the line where the register tape ran out, or where there had to be a price check.

For a while every time I went into Wal-Mart they needed to see my driver’s license. No one else’s, just mine, (or so it felt). I remember smiling outwardly and inwardly I was seething.

Then one day God reminded me of something valuable. When Jesus fed the 5000 and everyone was full he told the disciples go gather up the remains. There tucked in that parable I saw truth, God doesn’t waste anything. Even little minor irritations are used for some purpose.

Well, I made a conscious effort every time I was in a place of waiting, that I would wait well. (A phrase I once heard Joyce Meyer use).

That meant no toe tapping, no inward seething, no changing shopping lanes in a grocery store. I was to just wait. 

God showed me impatience is really a form of pride. We somehow think we shouldn’t have to wait, don’t they know who we are? There was judging going on in my heart as well. They should have changed the register tape before I got there. They should know all the prices and not have to check them.  

Pride, pride, and more pride.

I have to say I’m doing better, at least in that arena. Not perfect, but much, much better.

I know all of this is part of a bigger plan. God wants to see the fruit of patience in my life. 

Do overs accomplish the same thing. I used to get aggravated when I’d be on the computer and something would not work right. And I would have to “do it over.”

Pride again. I would inevitably ask, why should I have to do this over?

And the answer is, well, I don’t know. But, I do know God will have tucked in something good for me in the lesson. Why do I know that? Because I know him. He’s always looking out for my best, always.

And when we have no clue to what he’s doing? That’s when we just trust him. We trust him for who he is. 

Now, I’m gonna try one more time to enter my information. And if it doesn’t work, well I guess I’ll try it again.

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