Some leaves jump

I know it’s autumn and everyone is enjoying God’s splendor. How can you help it? Everywhere the eye can see there are shades of yellow, orange, deep red, melding together and producing vibrancy.

Leaves fall, or so they have told us for years. I have another theory.

Maybe some of them jump. They see they are reaching their peak color, they have given it their all and they decide to go out in blazing color. To have a last hurrah. I think some leaves jump.

If they don’t eventually they will just wither up and become crunch material. Instead they decide to let go, to just give themselves to the wind or breezes that are enticing those around them.

I saw a swirl of leaves that had jumped and they were spinning in a circle down the street. It was beautiful and funny at the same time. Round’ and round’ they went having the time of their lives. They were spinning in unison as if they had practiced for weeks.

I love fall. The colors the scents that are indicative of cooler nights. Burning leaves, burning wood in fireplaces. Fall was a good idea God had.

It’s away to celebrate the harvest and yet herald the coming months. 

Some leaves may just flutter to the ground, but honestly, I think some leaves jump.

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