one ingredient

Today I decided to make some bread. At first, it felt daunting. Not sure why exactly unless it was because it was the first time I had ever used a bread machine. I looked at the ingredients I needed and one by one I added them, remembering that the booklet said one of the reasons bread doesn’t turn out is because people are not exact with their measurements. Well, I was certainly going to be exact. That’s one think I was certain of.

Things were going well and I was adding the cinnamon, my next to last ingredient. It looked okay, but something caused me to smell it. And that’s when I realized my cinnamon was not cinnamon at all. Oh it looked like cinnamon, but it would have really made a bad loaf of cinnamon raisin bread, had I not checked it.

So, I had to throw out the first attempt all because of one ingredient. I did not even want to try and see what a cumin raisin bread would be like. 

This reminded me how we can take what God says and leave one thing out and it can make a difference. He tells us to be honest, but wants our truth to be with grace. Truth without grace is harsh. Grace without truth is wishy-washy. Grace and truth together are the right mixture.

One ingredient can make all the difference. 

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