God is big

Isn’t it funny how everything takes it’s rightful place when you have perspective. My brother has cancer. Things that seemed important no longer are. I just want him to be okay. The truth is, I hate it when things are out of my control. This is out of my control. And yet, I can acknowledge that even though there are loved ones who will struggle with illness, God is sovereign. He’s always in control. 

Maybe it’s easier for us to trust God with the big things because we recognize we’re helpless. The truth is “without Him we can do nothing.” I’m not sure I always believe that. Maybe I believe “without Him I can do less”, or “without Him I can’t do as well.” But “nothing”? That’s pretty extreme.

I’m thankful that God is in control when things in life are spiraling. I’m thankful He’s in control 24/7. I’m also thankful that God is omnipresent. He’s here with me as I think about the road ahead for my brother, and he’s with my brother. He’ll be with us as we wait and pray when he has surgery and He’ll be with the doctors guiding their hands.

Today I am leaning hard on my sovereign God. Maybe you are too. He’s big you know. Bigger than the thing you may be facing. Bigger than anything we are worried about. He’s even bigger than cancer.

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