I love words. I play with them, manipulate them, words are fun. But, I have let words slip out finding the opposite to be true. If I don’t pray before I speak, sometimes, I use words which require other words, like, “I’m sorry”; “please forgive me.”

Words are powerful when used correctly. They seep into our innermost beings healing our wounded places. They can give confidence to those who are feeling feeble. They can encourage some to hang in there, who would have quit. Choosing the right words, that’s key. But, I’ve come to find out that God is the only one who knows the hearts of men. God knows what our listeners need to hear. Just taking that moment to listen to God is what makes the difference in what we say to one another.

I hate it when I engage my mouth without checking with Him. I’m glad God gives us opportunities when we do put our feet in our mouths to go back to the one we’ve hurt and make amends. Life is a process, and we are works in process. Maybe we need to ask ourselves, Will what I am about to say encourage someone?

Someone I respect greatly used to ask herself, the question, “Who is this for?” I like that too. Because if I’m really wanting my words to be for my listener, I will choose them carefully and season them with grace. 

Words, what a great idea God had.

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