Don’t you hate it when your phone rings and you run to it only to find it’s an automated call? I feel so let down when that happens. Like I was somehow deceived. I think technology is great, I really do. But I miss some of the things technology has replaced. When call waiting appeared on the scene it reminded me of the friend you played with only sometimes, when her better friend was busy.

There you are on the phone with someone and you feel you are starting to connect when you hear, “oh, I’m sorry, I need to take this call.” 

And though you hear yourself saying, “It’s okay,” inside sometimes it doesn’t feel that great.

I miss a very special person in my life. She used to make me feel special, like I was the only one around. She never did get call waiting. IF you called Lois you knew you might get the busy signal, because of all the people who called her. But, you also knew if you did get her, she would give you the time she had.  

We live in a very busy world. Sometimes it’s nice to just do things the way we used to. One call at a time, one meeting at a time. It’s just simpler, isn’t it?

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